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Shadyhill has been committed to raising happy, healthy American Cocker Spaniels since I first showed them in 1959.  My parents and grandparents had raised them and I have registrations dating back to 1931 of their cockers.Our dogs have done very well in the show ring but, their main role in life is as home companions.

 We breed from health-tested parents who have annual eye exams done,  hips x-rayed and registered with OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), and blood tests done for Thyroid levels.  We also do the DNA testing for Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

 We strive to produce healthy puppies, which will be a happy addition to your family for 10-15 years.  Please do not be upset if we ask for your history with pets and ask for a reference from your vet as we want a stable home for our puppies for their lifetime.  Our puppies are sold with CKC Non-Breeding agreement in effect and we expect anyone breeding Shadyhill dogs to follow the same health screening process that we do ourselves.

Shadyhill has been awarded the Top Breeder Award by "Pedigree" for American Cocker Spaniels for nine years.   As well as in the show ring, our dogs are happy doing hospital and nursing home visitations, Obedience Trial work, Rally O, agility, hunting and just being #1 couch potatoes.  We strongly recommend Puppy Socialization classes and Obedience Classes for your pet in the first year.  We encourage you to keep your pet active in some form of fun as the cockers thrive on a challenge, be it walking, visitation, agility classes or whatever.

We prefer that families come to visit our dogs if possible but we do ship on occasion.    We have a number of dogs doing well in both the show ring and as stay at home pets in other countries as well.   We do guarantee our puppies for hereditary health concerns for a three year period and ask that, if for any reason, you have to give up your Shadyhill Cocker, that we be contacted to help find a new home for them.  This applies throughout the lifetime of your pet.  We are always available to give ongoing support and answer your questions about your pet and appreciate receiving yearly updates on his/her progress.


 Yours In Cockers,

Jean DeWolfe

Life Member of Canadian Kennel Club
Life Member of the American Spaniel Club
Founding  and continuous member  of the American Cocker Spaniel Club of Canada

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